Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maddie*Kate Euro Oilily Dress

We just listed this sweet little Euro dress made with Oilily fabric. It is One-of-a-kind and will best fit a little girl in sizes 3-4-5, or even a 6 as a long top paired with some jeans!
You can find the listing on eBay by clicking here. Please remember to search "Boutique MK" now for our listings.

I got a great tip from another blog that I read (thanks Erin!), who had read about it on Mom Shots Blog, on how to get your kids to look at the camera when you are taking their pictures. I've always just told them to "look at the circle", but that never kept their attention. So after I read the tip, I grabbed my kids and headed out to the backyard. Jack is always easy to take pictures of, but Mallory is my challenge. I think they both did pretty great and I might have my picture for the little necklace that I want to buy for myself.


Abby Chase Designs said...

Beautiful photos!

kandy smith said...

Gosh those are cute kids, even if they are my grandkids :)

robin said...

that is awesome!!! you guys ROCK!!!

R.Pasibe*5 said...


rhonda :)

Debbie said...

I try that camera trick with Rilyn and she doesn't fall for it - she's such a little toot.
Your kids are so beautiful!!!!


Jessica Stier said...

What great photos and beautiful kids!!! I'm so glad the trick worked for you. I found that it didn't work at all with one of my boys but worked great with the other. It's fun how they each have their own personalities! :)


BlueEyes9693 said...

awww...they're so beautiful/handsome LOL!! :)

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