Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tornado Warning

I was busy cleaning the house this morning, getting ready for the arrival of my best friend from college and her two girls, so I told Mallory to go draw a picture for me. She loves art, so she jumped at the chance to go create! A few minutes went by and she was asking for some tape. I kind of chuckled when I saw what she had made, as I remembered what we were watching on TV last night before she went to bed and the converstaion we had about the events in the show. Funny thing is, we had a tornado warning here this morning because of a cold front moving in. I got an announcement from Mallory, "This is a TORNADO WARNING!!! See all the warnings I put up for you?"

We were watching Storm Chasers last night and she said, "Mommy, Ms. Stacey (her teacher) said that tornadoes can't hurt you, but lightning can." I told her that tornadoes can't hurt you unless you are inside or really close to a tornado, like the lady on TV who was thrown a 1/2 mile by a tornado.

I think this one has houses up inside the tornado?

Everyone have a wonderful week!! I probably won't be on the computer much with our company here!

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Erin W said...

Lol- now those signs are tooo cute!!

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