Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mirror, mirror, on the wall....

Remember that mirrored wall photo from my last post? Well, guess what it did to my husband today while he was trying to tear it down during the big "Demo" day today?

I was given strict instructions to have the kids out of the house all day today. So, that gave us a great reason to head to the 9:15 church service this morning. Vacation Bible School starts this week and I volunteered to help with the decorations, so we didn't get out of church until 1:30. I took the kids to my parents house afterward and then came to check on the progress. Nate and "Bird" (one of his carpenters from work) were just finishing putting up the partition walls and would be starting to tear down the walls (pictures of this to come tomorrow!). I grabbed a couple things for the kids to play with, along with my sewing machine to finish up my orders and headed back to my parents to spend the afternoon.

The phone rang about 2:30, it was my dad, he said Bird just dropped Nate off at the Emergency room, as he had sliced his hand opened. My mom and I were wondering what in the world was he doing to slice his hand open?? I left the kids there to play and headed down to the hospital. Apparently, the mirrored wall was not-so-easily removed, one of the pieces shattered, cut right through Nate's leather glove and sliced his hand. The doctor said if it had been 2 mm deeper, he would have lost the movement in his pinky finger. 3 hours and 5 stitches later, we were eating delicious lasagna at my parents house with my grandparents!

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