Monday, August 3, 2009

Almost there....

We have the cabinet guys coming back tomorrow to install the panels on the refrigerator and the dishwasher, the cabinet hardware and hopefully put up the other bookcase that's been sitting in the middle of my dining room for a couple of weeks now. We are still waiting on the refrigerator hardware to come in and I need to get up to the tile store this week to pick out what I want for my back splash.

I actually cooked my first meal in the new oven, Stuffed Chicken Parmesan!! It was YUMMY! Desert was chocolate cake that Nate and the kids made on Saturday. It felt so good to sit down at our table and eat as a family, not out at a restaurant somewhere.

So I bought these bar stools at a bare wood store this weekend (2 more are on there way from another store) that are a replica of THIS chair from Pottery Barn but WAY cheaper, and I can't decide if I want to paint them black or another color. What do you think?

I think I'm going to get a little bench to put under the desk area with a matching cushion from the fabrics that I will use on the window seats. A chair just seems out of place there, don't you think?

Here is a picture of my newly configured living room. Next summer, our plan is to push this room out about 10 feet, add a pool, a playroom for the kids and a master bathroom (as our master bath is the size of a hall closet right now!) We'll see where the economy is before taking the plunge, as we will have to do a lot of reconfiguring with the roof line, which is very costly.


Angel said...

Gorgeous! I think a bench is a great idea. I envision one with a box pleated skirt to the floor. So maybe one with storage in it and on casters. What fabric are you using for the bench and window seats? Could you pull a color out of there for the barstools? I'm thinking they should be a color of some sort. Black might be too much of a contrast.

Mandy said...

Oh, I love it!!

I think you could use the chair there if you painted it to match the bar chairs...a bench would also work too.

I love the clean, calm colors...everything is just beautiful!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

It's beautiful! Yes, the chairs would be so cute black. What about an overstuffed chair for the desk area? One you could push in. I am all about comfort, lol! ;0) YAY for being almost finished! Tabitha

LeShayne said...

Its gorgeous! What beautiful choices. Congratulations on the new look.

Erin W said...

OHH Kacey!!! I LOVE it!!! You have such wonderful taste!!!! The colors, cabinets, countertops- love it all. We have a chair at our little desk thing but I am liking the idea of a bench with fabric. We are hopefully painting our kitchen soon so this is really inspiring me. Can't wait to see pics of when its all done!

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