Monday, December 7, 2009


does blogger have to stretch and make the picture above look all pixelated (is that even a word?) instead of keeping it the way it looked in my editing software 2 minutes ago? So frustrating... I need to figure out how to make it pretty, as it's the only picture of the four of us that we've taken in a long time! I know it's not the best photo, but what can you do when your kids (and husband) are sick of standing in front of the camera waiting for the timer to go off??

We finally got the lights and decorations on the tree tonight, after buying the tree over a week ago. I'll take some pictures tomorrow after I get all the boxes and pine needles cleaned up off the floor. We leave for Disney World on Friday and I'm thinking that I need to make the kids some festive things to wear to the parade...back to the sewing room!

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Nezzy said...

You have a most beautiful family. The picture is wonderful but I know what your sayin'. My pics seem to always change when posted on blogger. I won't even mention what
Walmart can do to distort them. Nope, not goin' there.

Have yourself one terrific day enjoying that precious fam of yours.

May God bless you all!!!

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