Thursday, March 26, 2009

New MONSTER Listing on eBay

My sweet little boy is growing up and so is his imagination!! He can sit in his room and play pirates, knights rescuing princesses (thanks to help from his big sister), trains, Power Rangers, etc. for quite a while without needing to be near me or wanting me to help him with anything. One of his favorite things to do is pretend that he is a monster and chase Mallory (and her friends if they are over) around the house. So that was the theme for this new little outfit I made!

Jack had so much fun modeling it and being the little "monster" that he is!

This 2-pc set includes the top & shorts and will be re-created for the winning bidder in a size 12 month to big boy 8!
You can find the listing by clicking HERE.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boutique Angels Charity Listing up on Ebay!! Boutique Baby Bibs!

We are so excited to be able to contribute to such a great cause.
100% of the proceeds from these auctions will go to the Children's Tumor Foundation.
You can find all of the listings HERE.

If you are looking for a baby shower gift or first birthday present for a special little girl in your life, then you MUST check out these adorable bibs that I made for this charity launch. They are even cuter in person and we will monogram a name or 3 initials for the winner! If you are interested in seeing some boy designs, or just want one bib, please leave a comment below with your email adress :-)

You can find these sweet buggy baby bibs by clicking HERE.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maddie*Kate: New Listing on Ebay

Sorry I haven't been around much, I am still fighting this sinus infection. I finally broke down and have a call in to the doctor to get a z-pack or something. The sinus pressure is so intense, that my eyes are tearing for no reason!! Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!

Here is a new listing for us today. 2-pc set includes dress & leggings, custom sized 2T-8. You can find it by clicking HERE.

I have a couple of sample sets that I plan on listing soon, so be on the lookout for those. Both are 4T's :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Maddie*Kate New Euro Bunny Listing

All of our company left today. We had a wonderful time visting the zoo, the aquarium, local parks, and the beach! I'm so tired and I was sick with a cold/ear infection almost the whole time they were here. It was great catching up with my friend (whose name is Casey too), as we had not seen each other in 2 years. Her little girls are just as cute as can be. I will post pictures from some of our outings soon. As soon as we dropped them off at the airport this morning, Mallory was already asking when we were going to go on the airplane to visit Avery in Illinois. With her starting kindergarten in the Fall, we are going to probably have to take our trip this August! So much fun to see all the green corn fields. I think the kids will love it, probably not as much as playing in the snow like we did last time we were there, but it should be fun!

We got right back to business this afternoon and took some pictures for our newest listing on eBay. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Also, I spotted a DARLING resell of ours from last year at a bargain price!! It was one of my favorites!
You can find it HERE.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So today was the day to call in and find out if Mallory got accepted in to the fundamental school here. It was a random lottery and she did not get in. She is #124 on the wait list. There were 78 openings for kindergarten, and none of her little friends got in either. A few of them are close to the top of the waiting list, so they will probably get in at some point next year. We will just have to wait until next year. For some reason, I'm really upset about this. Maybe because I went to school there and my sister's kids hav gone there, so I just assumed that Mallory would be the next one to go there as well. Thankfully, my girlfriend and her two little girls are on their way down here from Illinois for the week, so we will be busy doing lots of fun things to keep my mind off of it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tornado Warning

I was busy cleaning the house this morning, getting ready for the arrival of my best friend from college and her two girls, so I told Mallory to go draw a picture for me. She loves art, so she jumped at the chance to go create! A few minutes went by and she was asking for some tape. I kind of chuckled when I saw what she had made, as I remembered what we were watching on TV last night before she went to bed and the converstaion we had about the events in the show. Funny thing is, we had a tornado warning here this morning because of a cold front moving in. I got an announcement from Mallory, "This is a TORNADO WARNING!!! See all the warnings I put up for you?"

We were watching Storm Chasers last night and she said, "Mommy, Ms. Stacey (her teacher) said that tornadoes can't hurt you, but lightning can." I told her that tornadoes can't hurt you unless you are inside or really close to a tornado, like the lady on TV who was thrown a 1/2 mile by a tornado.

I think this one has houses up inside the tornado?

Everyone have a wonderful week!! I probably won't be on the computer much with our company here!
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