Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing in the leaves

So I know that most of you have leaves to rake up throughout September and October, well our leaves don't fall until February and March. We live right on the curved part of our street, so when people drive by, they push the leaves up in to our yard from the street. I had a few of Jack's little friends here on Saturday, so we decided to rake up some of the leaves and jump in them. The kids had a blast covering me up in the leaves and I had fun covering them up too!

This is hilarious. Jack thought he was going to "surf" in the leaves, so of course, he needed Mallory's mermaid goggles and his Spiderman boogie board. And don't forget about posing like a Power Ranger too. That makes you surf even better!! Those goggles aren't very flattering, are they? :-)

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