Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love...

1. I Love that Mallory is thriving at her new school. She is reading so many little story books now and really gets the concept of addition and subtraction. Maybe she has her mom's math brain.
2. I Love that I got the sweetest little drawing from Mallory today. It was a giant rainbow heart and above it she wrote, I can Love. (The sight words this week were I CAN.)
3. I Love that her new school had a Family Picnic at one of our favorite parks tonight. There were so many families and teachers with their families there, all chatting and having a good time.
4. I Love that I met another "normal" mom tonight at the picnic. Yay! A friend at the new school. Her little girl is in a different kindergarten class, but they go to recess at the same time. We exchanged phone numbers with plans for a playdate soon!
5. I Love that when I went to volunteer at Mallory's school on Thursday, the volunteer coordinator asked if I was a college student coming to get my hours...maybe I still have it :-)
6. I Love that I am able to take my little boy to the beach in the afternoon just to play in the waves and build a sandcastle decorated with bird feathers and "monkey cigars" (I really don't know what those things are called, but I remember my dad calling them that when I was little).
7. I Love that my husband works his tail off so I can go to the beach or the park or the toy store...or to the mall for something I NEED.
8. I Love that my mom and I are so close. I can tell her anything. It's rare that a day goes by that we don't see each other or talk on the phone. I'm so lucky.
9. I Love that my kitchen is almost, almost, almost done. Why does the last 2% always take the longest to finish? I know I promised pictures...soon!!
10. I Love that God is working on a miracle for sweet Kate. You remember THIS little girl that I asked you to pray for a while back? She reminds me so much of Mallory. I had to do something for their family, so I am making them outfits for their Make a Wish trip to Disney World!
111. I Love that my dear friend that lives a couple thousand miles away knows just the right words to write in a card to make me smile after a hard couple of weeks. The kids and I can't wait to see her and her family this fall!!

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