Friday, January 23, 2009

New Brother & Sister Sets Listed!

Come check them out! Mallory and Jack had a blast with their photo shoot, as they got to go on an Egg Hunt!! They were such troopers, as the temperature was around 50 degrees and windy! BURR!!

You can find the girls listing by clicking here.

And, you can find the boys listing here.

We are also having a little promotion as my sweet little boy is turning 3 tomorrow. Here are the details:

I have been meaning to post the pictures from Nate's birthday party...
We all had so much fun, we are planning the next Low Country Boil!

Nate and my dad "prepping" the food. Look how big that pot is!

Almost done...

The Birthday Boy/Chef!

Pouring it out on the table.

Time to eat!

Singing Happy Birthday!


kandykissesboutique said...

Oh my...LOL
Looks like you guys had a blast!!!


Erin W said...

Ohhhh I love your new sets and all of your pictures. And oh my gosh you got bigger pictures on blogger- YAY!- They look AWESOME!!!!! Doesn't it feel so good to post some BIG ole pictures!! lol! ;o)

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