Monday, January 19, 2009

New eBay Listing for Maddie*Kate

Spring is on it's way!! You wouldn't know it by the way the wind is blowing outside my door here in the office. It's supposed to be 33 degrees tomorrow morning, there's even mention of the possibility of SNOW! Yes, you heard me right, SNOW in Florida, Central Florida that is!

Mallory was not in the mood to take pictures today, as you might be able to tell from a few shots in the auction, but it was either today in the nice breezy 70 degree weather, or tomorrow in the FRIGID coldness (is that even a word?). There wasn't school today, so I took the kids and two of their little friends to Bounce U to burn some energy. Since it was so nice outside, we decided to take a little nature walk in this beautiful park behind my dad's business. We will definitely be taking some modeling pictures back there when there are some leaves on the trees!

So here is the sweet little dress that we listed tonight. The auction is for the dress only, and we will re-create it for the winning bidder in a size 2T-8.
You can find it by clicking here.

Nate's birthday bash was a hit! Everyone loved the Low Country Boil. We will be doing another one again soon! I will post pictures from the party tomorrow. I need to get to bed!

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