Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Maddie*Kate Listings "Summer Travels"

We were so honored to be invited by some of the Ivylane girls to join them on their "Destination" launch. We decided to go to Paris with *little*noel*.

You can find our listing by clicking HERE.

Here is Debbie's listing that Mallory modeled. Click HERE to see the listing.

Then, we went to Disney World with WildByDesign! MB designed the girl's set and we did the boys!

You can find the boys listing HERE.

And the girls listing HERE.

THEN, we went to the beach with emerson*rose!!

You can find our "Crabby, but cute" listing HERE

You can find Kelly's little pants HERE.

And Jen's little knit top HERE.

And Melissa's bows HERE.


DollieDimplesBoutique said...

I love your work, always have! Each set is so gorgeous and creative! I'm so glad you could join us in this launch. Can't wait to see what you come up with next girlie :)


Kacey & Kandy said...

Thanks so much for writing Susan! That really means a lot to us!!

Kacey and Kandy

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