Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 6 of Kitchen Remodel

It's only been six days since I was able to use anything in my kitchen and I've cried two of those days!! The combination of Nate cutting his hand, my car having to go back to the dealership AGAIN for the same problem it was there for LAST WEEK, our washing machine breaking AGAIN after someone was out to fix it LAST WEEK, Mallory having an ear infection, and just having to get used to walking out the front door and opening the garage door 45 times a day just to get something out of the refrigerator has put me over the edge a few times!! The good news is, the kitchen will be making a lot of progress this week. The walls from the old kitchen will be coming down tomorrow and the new wall will be going up. The electrician is coming on Monday to start all the new wiring and moving some of the switches. The air conditioning company will be creating a new vent for the hood and a new air return.

This is our new wall, to keep all the dust on the other side with the construction. Yes, that's Jack passed out on the couch after a long morning at the beach!

Here is the wall without the mirror. That built-in shelf is connected to my sewing room, so I will have to relocate a few things when they take that out.

No more cabinets!


Hi there, I'm Mandy (aka, "Mama Precious") said...

Bless your heart!
Hang in there it will be worth the stress & you will have a FABULOUS new space!

Can't wait to see!! :)

(& I apologize if I was Debby Downer about dark floor...just because I despise ours does NOT mean you will too)...(and it IS beautiful stuff) ;)

Kacey & Kandy said...

I know it will be worth it in the end, but it's just getting to me this week!! We are headed to Disney World Tuesday for a couple nights, so it should help relieve some stress too!!

No apologies needed for the wood floor comments, I'd rather here honest opinions, and you weren't the only one that complained!! Are yours really shiny or a matte finish?

Mandy said...

Disney sounds fabulous!
We're off to the beach in three weeks & I'm starting to think it will never get here!!

Our floors started out matte & then in my stressing trying to keep it cleaned, I had them come put a sealer on it making it glossy-ish (six months after we moved in & had everything settled, we had to move it all back husband about choked me)...

we also have a salt water pool & anyone WET leaves white water spots...

I DO love Holloway House floor cleaner & floor polish...especially the polish! It keeps it pretty longer with a good coat of the polish...but, boy that floor is a lot of work!

Have fun at Disney, can't wait to see pics! :)

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