Saturday, June 6, 2009

Goodbye 1962

When we bought our house 5 years ago, we set aside some money from the sale of our previous home to remodel this kitchen. After many different designs and battles with my dear husband about it, we are FINALLY starting the remodel (demo) TOMORROW!!! This is going to be a 6-8 week project with us living through the whole thing. It will be very interesting with 2 smalls kids and our "guard" dog. My sewing room shares a wall with the remodel, so I will not be sewing for the rest of the summer.

I thought I would share a few before pictures, well sort of before pictures. I had already starting packing/removing things from the walls and book shelves.

I am so excited about my new kitchen, with all the new appliances and more storage. I am going for a Seaside feel to my entire house. Nathan is not to keen on this idea, but I think once he sees the completed kitchen, he'll love it as much as I do.

This is our little breakfast area, that will become a little sitting area with bookshelves and a window seat.

Don't you just love this itty bitty microwave that we've been using for 5 years, and that brown tile!

The 80's mirrored wall is such a nightmare with little kids!!! In our new kitchen, this will be where our refrigerator and stove will be. There will be an island coming out from there, about where the couch is.

I'm also trying to sell Nate on the idea that we need new wood floors. The yellow oak will not go with the look that I'm trying to create, but he's not budging on this one...yet!! I want what is called Black Vintage Mahogany. It's wide planked and a darker wood.

Hopefully, in 6-8 weeks, my new kitchen will look like this!!


kaydensgracedesigns said...

LOVE it! Keep bugging him on the flooring! :0) I so wanted the black and settled with a dark wood, but the black is AMAZING! Good luck on the next few weeks! Tabitha

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Oh, how exciting for you!!

I agree about the floors, that dark wood LOOKS amazing...but you might wait & see before you change it out. That's what we went with when we built two years ago & I HATE it with a furious shows EVERY crumb, EVERY spill, EVERY speck of dust, EVERYthing! (and we even take our shoes OFF before coming inside too)

After a year of battling that floor, I finally hired someone to come once a week to do my hardwoods (as we 2,500 sq ft of it)... & I STILL have to spot mop it before she comes back the next week...brutal!

I can't wait to see your project finished, so exciting!!

Oh & I can't seem to get Evan to stop wearing that monster set...I bet I have already washed it fifteen times & I know he's SLEPT in it twice!! True Love!! ;)

Kacey & Kandy said...

Thanks so much for your comments girls! We aren't going to decide anything on the floors until we do "phase 2" of our project next year, which is pushing out the living room wall and adding another bedroom and a pool :-) We are only 2 days in to this and I'm ready to be done with it!!

Angel said...

I love your inspiration photo. I know it will be tough to live through, but so much fun when you are done. I really like the look of the dark wood floors too, maybe you could refinish your existing and stain them darker.

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