Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cabinets, Bookcases and Appliances Oh My!

Things have been really busy at our house this week!! The cabinets arrived last Friday. I wasn't home when they were delivered, so I was shocked when I saw how many there actually were! They took up practically the whole room!

They started installing/laying everything out on Saturday, and after they left yesterday, this is what we have so far!

This is my favorite spot, a little mud room for the kids to put all their stuff when they walk in the door from school.

Also while I was gone yesterday, all the appliances (with the exception of the cook top that is back ordered until SEPTEMBER, grrrr....) arrived!! I have NO idea how they got the refrigerator through the front door and how it didn't leave a mark on the ceiling!!

We are getting so close to being able to have a kitchen, I can hardly stand it!! The granite company is supposed to come out tomorrow to template and then it's another 7 days until they will install it. Who would have thought a granite company would be so busy with the way the economy is right now?

I will update with more pictures soon!!


Mandy said...


I'm so excited FOR looks AWESOME!!!

Can't wait to see it finished!

Angel said...

Gorgeous! Love the paint color too. That is one HUGE fridge box, looks like it's touching the ceiling. I think the mudroom would be my favorite part too. can't wait to see the rest.

Amy said...

Oh how exciting! Looks great so far!

Jenn~ said...

Okay, ummm....can I move in....hehee....Just WOW....amazing, and I am so glad things are finally coming together....

Kacey & Kandy said...

Thanks girls! I'm just loving walking across the house and looking at it 100 times a day! It makes putting the laundry away not seem so bad! I've already put some things in the pantry...not because I wanted to, but MY DOG FORCED ME TOO! I'll blog about that tomorrow!! UGH!

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