Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sneaky (and stuffed) Sammy

Meet our dog, Sam, aka Sammy, Puppy Love (my name for her), "dog-dog", and many other nicknames along the way as the kids were learning how to talk.

She is a German Short Haired Pointer. Sammy is 7 1/2 years old and we've had her since she was about 12 weeks old. She is my best friend while I'm sewing and late at night watching my favorite shows. She is such a great dog with the kids, always letting them do whatever they want with her. Sometimes this involves them having a piece of food in their hands running through the house having her chase them. Other times, it's them trying to turn her into a sled dog by tying belts to her collar and them sitting on towels to see if she will pull them around the house. She's very athletic, running 3 miles every morning with Nate. She will play on the playground with the kids, climbing up the rock wall and sliding down the slide (I wish I had a picture of this!). All around, I think she is the perfect dog...ALMOST!!

You see, within the past 9 months, Sammy has been to the vet's office 3 different times, racking up hundreds of dollars in bills, all because she loves to eat!!

November 3, 2008 I had just dropped the kids off at school after a weekend filled with Halloween candy! I had some left over candy that never got passed out, so I put it on the very back part of our stove thinking it was safe. Nope! I walked in the door to find two empty plastic bags, one Twix (my favorite) and one Tootsie (another favorite). There were very few wrappers left and no candy! I grabbed her leash and we headed out the door. This was a blessing in disguise, as she had eaten 6 cupcakes 2 weeks before and (unbeknown to me) swallowed one of the plastic little decorations that the grocery store put on them. When they made her throw up, the little plastic decoration came up too. There was no way that she would have been able to pass it on her own. Whew! But, I was still mad that she ate my favorite candy! This only cost her a few hours at the vet and no medications to take.

See the embarrassment on her face?

Fast forward to April of this year. Our grocery store was having a buy-one-get-one-free deal on graham crackers. I thought I would buy 2 and donate them to the kids preschool for snack time. Silly me, I left the 2 unopened boxes on the counter and left to run more errands. Once again, I see two empty boxes on the ground! This trip cost her 2 nights at the vet, lots of medicine to take and special dog food to eat for a week.

Last week, Mallory was getting a breakfast bar out of our make-shift pantry (a giant Tupperware container) and she forgot to put the lid back on it, along with the 2 pillows for added weight to keep Sammy out. We were gone for about an hour and came home to find the entire pantry spread out across the house, all empty containers. So off we went to the vet again!!!

All this talk about food makes me hungry!!

Off to hunt for a bird!

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