Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Pictures

So, I finally had a little break this afternoon. I finished all my customs that needed to get shipped out, Mallory was at my mom's house, and Jack went to the International Car Show in Tampa with Nate and my dad. So I decided it was time to edit the pictures!! I think with all the Halloween festivities that we went to in October, I probably took 800 pictures. I'm not kidding. Maybe that's why I've been putting this off for so long.

For all of our AMAZING, WONDERFUL buyers, we just wanted to let you know that we will probably only be listing 2-3 more custom sets this year. ** Be on the lookout for matching brother and sister Valentine's sets. They're going to be so cute!!** We have been sewing our behinds off this whole year without any real breaks. I know I need a break. My poor house has been neglected for far too long. It desparately needs a deep cleaning, the closets need to be cleaned out and my sewing room needs to be cleaned out!!

I keep trying to put a little bug in Nate's ear about remodeling our kitchen (we planned on having it done last year at this time, but it was going to cost WAY more than we had anticipated.) So, with my time off from sewing, I might make a few trips to some cabinet and appliance stores to see what's out there. You'd think with the way the economy is going, these people would be giving things away just to get some business. We'll see...

These are out in front of our house. Yes, we have a blow-up haunted house in the yard...I only allow it from 5-9pm on Halloween day. Jack got bitten by a mosquito earlier in the day right underneath his eye, so that's why it looks like someone punched him. You will see in the rest of the pictures that he doesn't have his sword...he decided to jab Mallory right in the eye with it, so it was thrown away. I guess Dorothy was a real threat.

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Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Oh wow! What fun costumes! With only a few sets left this year...I MUST win the Valentine set for Shelby, lol! I am going to miss Maddie*Kate over the Holidays! Keep us posted on your blog, take care!



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