Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maddie*Kate Boys Peanuts Valentine Listing

Here it is. I got so much sewing done today, because my dear friend, Amy, was kind enough to pick my kids up from school for a playdate. Another bonus of the playdate was they were pooped and in bed at 7:15 tonight. Woo hoo! Here's to more playdates :-) Love you Amy!

Jack is 2 months away from turning 3... He is now my difficult model. I can remember when Mallory was first modeling our things. It was such torture for us all involved. What used to take 30-40 minutes in the HOT Florida sun, now only takes 10 minutes tops for Mallory. I guess I need to get the good bribes started for Jack! He would not stand still or smile very much today. I was stressed out too, as the sun was quickly setting behind the trees, hence the not-so-focused pictures on this auction.

You can find this Maddie*kate listing on eBay by clicking here.

I read this amazing quote from another designer friend's blog. I hope it makes you think.
One author writes: "I have spent long hours in the Intensive Care waiting room watching anguished people, listening to urgent questions: 'Will my husband make it? Will my child walk again? How do you live without your companion of 30 years?' The Intensive Care waiting room is different from any other place in the world. And the people who wait are different. They can't do enough for each other. No one is rude. The distinctions of race and class melt away. The garbage man loves his wife as much as the university professor loves his, and everyone understands this. Each person pulls for everyone else. In the Intensive Care waiting room the world changes. Vanity and pretence vanish. The universe is focused on the doctor's next report. If only it will show improvement. Everyone knows that loving someone else is what life is all about. Could we learn to love like that, if we realized that every day of life, is like a day in the Intensive Care waiting room?"

Off to watch Grey's Anatomy in peace.

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