Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What do you want to know about Maddie*Kate

We really need your input on this question, as we were asked to be the guest writer this month on the Boutique Buyers Blog. They were so sweet to ask us to write a little something, and it can be on anything, but I think maybe it's supposed to be so you can get to know a little more about us?? Please leave us a comment on what you think and maybe there might be a little prize for the best answer.

We had planned on taking pictures of our sweet little Valentine's set today, but something was wrong with my camera and I couldn't figure it out until it started getting dark, so we will be listing it tomorrow. The matching boys set will probably be ready on Thursday. Yipee!

Mallory had some "homework" this week and she had to decorate a green piece of construction paper to be a feather for their class turkey. Of course we waited to start on it until tonight. You really didn't want to see my breakfast table before I cleaned it up...So I'll share the finished product. I sure hope I won't need any purple buttons anytime soon.

I have to share a funny little story from our morning. With the time change, my kids have been waking up around 6:30, which gives us PLENTY of time to get ready for school, eat breakfast, and if that goes smoothly, I let them watch TV for a little bit. I was getting myself ready and I could hear them in the other room talking about what show was coming on next. Well, the next show this morning was Sponge Bob. Mallory was so funny, as soon as the theme song started playing, she shouted, "Jackie, we have to change the channel! Sponge Bob will give us bad dreams!" I don't know where she comes up with these things...


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Ahhh...my Shelby must decorate a Turkey this weekend for her class! It must be a preschool thing!! So off the Michaels I go to find, feathers, beads, etc, etc...!!!!

So glad you are guest writers on the blog this month! I would love to know your inspiration on your designs, how you come up with them?


Kristi said...

I just love the fact that you are a mother-daughter team sharing your passion for fine children's clothing that is unique. I so excited to see what new wearable works of art are created when list something new. And the fact that you share your knowledge with others is awesome. You are definately the most positive team out there in the boutique world and I think that says alot about you and your work. I think you should share that. I know it touched my heart.


I know as a mommy who loves custom clothes,that your not just making clothes your participating in making memories.As corny as it sounds,it is true.
Do you have any exciting stories of your wearables and them making that special moment that much more special.I'm sure you do :).Be it a special occasion or some milestone ,big or small.
Oh I don't expect a prize as I just won the Turkey Tee,woooooohoooo.I just love hearing stories of special days.

P.S. The top two ideas are awesome!

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