Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Favorite Find on Etsy

I am just in love with this little tin gift set that I found over on Etsy.
What a perfect gift for yourself, friend or family member for Christmas.
I'm just searching for the right picture of my kids and I will be getting one for myself!
You can find the listing here. The best part is the incredibly reasonable price for all of us trying to pinch our pennies this year!

Mallory has her first "drop off" birthday party this Friday. It's hard to believe that she is old enough to go to a birthday party by herself. The theme is a "Sleepless Sleepover", so she is supposed to wear her pajammas and bring a sleeping bag. We had to go out today and buy some High School Musical pajammas and a High School Musical sleeping bag. She is so excited about the party!! Now, if I could only find someone to watch Jack while she is at the party so Nate and I could enjoy a nice peaceful dinner together.

On another exciting note, I'm going to be an aunt for the 5th time on Thursday. My sister is having her labor induced Thursday morning. This will be her third child. She has a son, Kyle, who is 13, and a daughter, Morgan, who is 9. She is going to be in for a shock with a new baby in the house, that's for sure! I'll be sure to post pictures Thursday night of her sweet little girl!

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