Monday, October 20, 2008

What??? OUCH!!!

Today was a struggle for me in many ways. First, we didn't get home from the Bucs game until 12:30 last night and I had one too many drinks. Whenever I do drink, which isn't very often, I can't sleep at night. So I was running on 3 hours of sleep and dehydrated this morning.

My mom and I decided to leave WisteriaLane and try it out on our own again. We really had fun and became such a great team last time we weren't in a group, so it will be nice to do that again, with no pressure of launches or drama. You will be able to find us on eBay by searching "Boutique MK" once these other listings end this week with WisteriaLane in the title. We do wish all of our other former groupmates the best of luck in their new ventures as well.

Mallory had her 4-year old check-up today, which I mistakenly warned her about a few days ago. This is a BIG trip to the doctor. Hearing test, finger prick, pee in a cup, a flu mist up the nose and FIVE shots!!!!!! I wasn't shocked when the nurse told me that Mallory failed her hearing test in both ears, as she is always talking so loud and saying "What?!" "What?!", but I was shocked when the doctor told me she probably failed because she has double ear infections. I should be nominated for Mom of the Year for that. Jack was with us too, as he needed to get his flu shot, so she checked in his ears. Sure enough, double ear infection. Neither one of them have any cold symptoms or fevers, so who knows how long they had these infections! Mallory has to go back in a month and if the infection isn't cleared up, we are off to see an ENT doctor. What fun!


LeShayne said...

These things happen! Glad to hear you know now. ANd yay Bucs. And even bigger yay Rays!!! What a great night to be at any FL sporting event.

Debbie said...

just sending hugs to both of you! :)

Debbie said...

Sounds like my kids - never knew they had ear infections. HOpe they are all better.

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