Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Overload

Halloween isn't until Friday, a whole 3 days away and I'm already ready for it to be over with.
First, we HAD to decorate the house on October 1st, per Mallory. Last Friday, we had a pumpkin play date at the pumpkin patch and then to a friend's house to decorate the pumpkins. We went to a Halloween Spooktacular event this Saturday night where the kids got enough candy for us to hand out to the entire neighborhood. Sunday was a Halloween themed birthday party. Monday was the little pumpkin walk with the kids school and tomorrow is the Halloween party at school, where I will be helping out with some games and taking pictures. On Halloween, our street has a parade, where the police block off the street and the street next to ours and all the neighbors come out in their driveways and hand out candy to about 100-200 kids from our little town. Right before the parade, we have another Halloween themed birthday party to go to...

Tonight we had Mallory's little end-of-soccer pizza party where she got a medal. She was so proud of it! It was so cold out there, my poor ears were hurting. Not the typical Florida October weather, that's for sure. I think it's supposed to be in the 40's here tonight. Just the other night, I think it was 75, so that's a big change!

Here are some pictures of our Halloween adventures!

At the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkins before:

Pumpkins during:

Pumpkins after:

Here's the whole gang. All the kids had those dracula teeth in their mouths to be silly.

Here is our darling Halloween wreath by Andrea. You can find her website here.

We hung some ghosts up in our palm trees in the front yard too.

This is where we walk to for the pumpkin walk. It's about 2 blocks away from the church/preschool.

Jack picked a perfect pumpkin!

Here are Mallory and her classmates walking down the steps to the pumpkin patch!

Listening intently to the story being told...

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Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

So cute, love the pics! We did the Pumpkin Patch for the third, yes, third time this month, lol! The girls just LOVE it & we must have 20 pumpkins by now!! Of course, it was 30 degrees & super windy last night on our most recent visit...we were freezing!! They have been with our Girl Scout troop & Shelby with preschool & we went as a family! Such a fun time of year! Thanks for sharing Kacey & Kandy!!

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