Thursday, March 4, 2010

#31 & #91

Do you remember this post and this post from last year?

We were hoping and praying that Mallory would be attending THIS school starting in kindergarten, as that's where I went to school and my sister's children have gone. Well, it wasn't meant to be last year!! Mallory is doing wonderfully at her school that she is at now, she has a great teacher, she has lots of new friends, and is excelling tremendously. But, I feel like she would do even better at a fundamental school, so we tried again this year, not only for THIS school, but for THIS school too. On Monday, we got to log in and see where we were on the wait list (there weren't any openings, as they fill the spots immediately when one becomes available). For Curtis, she is #31 and for Maderia Beach, she is #91. We will get new wait list numbers on March 18th, so say a little prayer for us that the people that were on the wait list in front of her have accepted invitations to other programs so she will move up the lists a little more! Last year she was #124 on the list, so I knew that she wouldn't be going, but we might have a chance this year!! I think they have called #23 or #24 on the wait list this year for the kindergarten classes, so I'm hoping for big movement!!! If she doesn't get in at all next year, we will keep applying, and next Spring, Jack will be applying as well, and your best chance is for kindergarten, so we are very hopeful!! :-)

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Nezzy said...

The desire of our hearts, baby. I will join you in prayer that your sweeties get in the schools of your hearts desire.

Have a great day and may it be filled with blessings from above!!!

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